Are you looking to learn about the future of insulation?
Interested in the SuperFOIL products
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You can now access our RIBA Certified CPD remotely and still follow Social Distancing Rules.

These seminars are usually held face to face, due to social distancing measures we are offering the opportunity to complete our CPD remotely through live streaming. Join our live seminars, gain time towards your CPD requirements and engage with our experts directly.

Our LIVE, RIBA Certified CPD seminars
are held every Thursday at 2 pm
book your place today!
The CPD covers
  • Modern methods of construction & insulation
  • Identifying opportunities for specifying multifoil insulation
  • The commercial and practical benefits that multifoil products offer
  • Specific solutions & installation advice for building regulations
  • Technical support & advice
What You Will Gain from this CPD

The knowledge to specify multifoil insulation with confidence.

How you can achieve better thermal values for your clients without them spending a fortune.

Product confidence. During the CPD you will see all the technical data for the different products and their certifications, and understand you are using a quality product that will last.

You will be saving space, time and money by specifying SuperFOIL products. As a result, your clients will be happy!

Why Choose SuperFOIL?

Your CPD will be provided by our team of insulation experts. You will walk away from a SuperFOIL CPD feeling informed and inspired, not bored and underwhelmed. Our experts will answer any and all of your questions to ensure you leave feeling confident with the knowledge you have gained.

"We all found your presentation very interesting and informative, and the lively question and answer session rounded off the evening quite nicely"
David C, Architectural Technologist

"Just wanted to thank you for the most interesting and informative talk you gave to our CIAT members on Thursday. I personally hadn't realised there were so many variations in the Superfoil range and application details"
Phil G, Architect

"Certainly your responses have updated folks knowledge regarding multifoil insulation. This CPD has made the greatest impact of any session we have held so far this year, well done."
Chris H, Home Inspector
Take this opportunity to expand your knowledge base and gain those CPD hours, all completely free of charge.
There really is no reason to not attend!
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