Surespan in touch with tomorrow

We have always been in touch with tomorrow and never stand still in the pursuit for ground-breaking design, development and advancement. Surespan have a renewed push for more sustainable solutions throughout 2022 utilising a number of initiatives. Firstly, we are gearing up to be certified to BS EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management systems. Additional pushes towards a more sustainable future will see us reduce our plastic usage by at least 50% throughout 2022 opting for more widely recyclable materials. Beyond this, we have pledged to plant a tree for every single roof hatch purchased. Designing safe access doesn’t have to cost us the Earth! We are committed to reducing waste, reducing power usage and are investing heavily in more efficient technologies and machinery.

The latest application brings revolutionary expertise from the off-grid solar panel industry into our range of electric opening hatches. Designed and manufactured in Britain.

The latest solar technology integrates with our roof hatches to provide a turn key, out of the box solution for powered opening hatches. No electricians necessary. The semi-flexible, self-healing ETFE solar panel provides a 20w rating of power as standard which in turn charges a neatly concealed battery pack within the hatch upstand. The final touch is a wireless remote control meaning absolutely NO WIRING is necessary! We simply don’t accept that things can’t be done better.

The system will be designed to provide 7 open and close cycles per day to ensure battery longevity but has capacity for more than 14 cycles off the battery. The highly efficient crystalline cell solar panel ensures all-weather operation (Yes, even in Britain!) It is amazing to think even on cloudy days there is solar radiation passing through the clouds which will charge the battery, the inbuilt charge controller protects against battery discharge during night-time. The solar panel is salt spray tested, UV light tested and water resistant for robust outdoor use. Manufactured with six-layer heavy duty laminate protecting the solar cell circuit from extreme conditions. Backed with a 20-year cell performance warranty and a 2-year product warranty for peace of mind.

Meet the new generation, solar powered roof hatch. 

Based on the market leading SRHP75, this thermally broken and fully insulated roof hatch can be fitted with solar panels and electric actuators for out of the box, wireless operation. Installed with fully recyclable non-combustible mineral wool insulation to further enhance our green credentials. Mineral wool is a fully naturally derived alternative to the likes of polyisocyanurate insulation. The semi-flexible ETFE solar panel is adhered to the lid of the roof hatch and a cable runs within the upstand connected to a battery pack and small control module allowing remote control. Did we mention no electrician is necessary?

Research and development are key driving forces for Surespan, ensuring products stay relevant in the ever-changing building landscape, from increasing thermal performance to improving the air permeability of our roof hatches. In a progressive industry such as construction, the ability to offer bespoke solutions to meet specific project requirements is also a huge asset. From zero carbon homes to modular building design.

By working with Surespan throughout 2022, you can rest safe in the knowledge that we are doing everything we can to positively impact the World around us. Our manufacturing happens right here in the UK. One small choice to purchase responsibly can have a massive impact on the surrounding environment with similar manufacturers often shipping their hatches from as far as Mexico and America. Choose Surespan for a greener more sustainable future.

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