Range Tribune Gets Smart with the New MXi PV-enabled Cylinder

Kingspan June 2023

Introducing Range Tribune MXi: The Revolutionary Cylinder with Mixergy ‘heat what you need’ smart technology.

Kingspan Water & Energy, in collaboration with Mixergy, is proud to unveil the latest addition to the Range Tribune family – the MXi. This ground-breaking cylinder combines the renowned performance and reliability of Kingspan hot water cylinders with the innovative Mixergy ‘heat what you need’ technology, resulting in our most advanced cylinder to date.

Martin Allman, UK Commercial Director at Mixergy, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating: “We’re thrilled to be launching this important partnership with Kingspan Water & Energy. The combination of Mixergy’s smart technology with Kingspan’s high-quality cylinders will enable more homeowners throughout the UK to reduce their energy consumption and save money on their bills.”

One of the key features of the Range Tribune MXi is its PV diverter, which allows homeowners to utilise excess electricity generated by solar PV panels to heat the cylinder through the immersion heater. This empowers homeowners to leverage renewable energy sources for water heating, reducing their reliance on the grid and lowering energy bills. By minimising gas consumption, the MXi also contributes to a greener future.

The MXi seamlessly integrates with the Mixergy mobile app, offering unprecedented control to the homeowner. Through the app, users can heat either a specific portion or the entire cylinder, monitor available hot water levels in real-time and create customised heating schedules to suit their needs. Moreover, the Mixergy smart technology enables the cylinder to leverage smart energy tariffs, allowing homeowners to benefit from discounted electricity offered by utility companies.
Notably, the Range Tribune MXi will be recognised in SAP, listed in Appendix Q. This recognition will allow developers to enhance their build’s SAP rating, offering not only a better-performing structure but also added value for buyers.

Installers will find the MXi a breeze to fit, as it utilises the same form factor as the Range Tribune Xe. With side-mounted hot water draw-off and external thermal expansion, this cylinder ensures easy installation and improved efficiency. The innovative top-down heating method gives homeowners the freedom to choose the precise portion of the cylinder to heat.

But the advantages of MXi don’t end there! The cylinders come equipped with two auxiliary bosses at the bottom, facilitating the addition of an external heat exchanger plate for integrating a heat pump into the system. This future-proof design ensures compatibility with evolving technologies.
Packed with advanced features, including the utilisation of free electricity from PV solar panels and smart energy tariffs, the novel top-down heating method, and compatibility with heat pumps, the Range Tribune MXi is the ultimate choice for housebuilders and those seeking to upgrade their hot water systems.

Don’t wait! Contact Kingspan today at 0345 260 0258 or email [email protected], or visit kingspancylinders.com for more information and start experiencing the incredible benefits of the Range Tribune MXi!