Thursday, 30th November 2023

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In a time of an ever-growing climate crisis, soaring heating costs, more stringent energy efficiency regulations secondary glazing has never been more relevant. It is being used more and more frequently to insulate existing buildings and is by far the best way of providing noise insulation. Secondary glazing installation is a more sustainable option than replacement of primary windows. The embodied carbon in the existing windows is retained and there is no carbon cost associated with removing and sorting materials for recycling or landfill. This RIBA approved CPD seminar will leave those attending, confident in the ability to create a good specification when detailing secondary glazing into a project; to raise thermal efficiency, provide acoustic insulation or additional security in traditional, listed or new buildings. Testing standards and performance levels which can be achieved will be covered, as well as the more technical aspects such as fixing details and other design considerations.



This CPD presentation provides an essential guide to the key aspects of SAFE Design philosophy. Specifying effective Smoke ventilation, safe Access, compliant Fire rated design and Escape solutions. For anyone new to the subject or for those who would benefit from updating their knowledge on access and escape solutions. Starting with the fundamental question ‘How To Specify Safe Access?” the presentation builds into a comprehensive and authoritative guide to understanding how, as an architect, simple design considerations can be made to ensure safe and compliant access while following tried and tested design methodology. The presentation draws to a close by demonstrating how to design around small, medium and large-scale problems with innovative solutions across a variety of industries.

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