Thursday, 05th October 2023

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Learn about the application of metal web joists in floors and roofs. The advantages over alternative joist systems; the unique attributes of Posi-Joists, how far they will span, important design details, their acoustic performance and details of relevant Standards and Regulations.



We all know that prime plots of land are becoming increasingly difficult to acquire, however for those willing to think outside the box and look at sloping sites, Stepoc is the ultimate solution for maximising land use, allowing the construction of retaining walls and basements. This presentation will cover Stepoc and other retaining wall systems that can be incorporated into new build schemes as well as looking at the wider offering from Ibstock.


This CPD course will cover why we need ventilation, why ventilation with heat recovery is an ideal solution. It then goes on to detail how the heat recovery process works, the key drivers for MVHR, this includes legislation and latest building regulations Part F, L and O. The course also details different types of heat recovery heat exchangers and highlights other energy saving technologies which make up the MVHR units. The CPD finishes with information on energy efficient control systems and demonstrates typical MVHR applications.


This CPD is designed to give a brief introduction to facing bricks history, the methods of manufacture and their technical characteristics – giving the specifier the knowledge to select the right bricks for the correct applications. The presentation additionally looks at good site workmanship. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
– The heritage and longevity of clay facing bricks – How to identify the types of brick by their manufacturing method – The technical properties of a brick – including sizing, tolerances, range, frost rating, salts and compressive strength – How to select bricks based on geography and the topography of the site – The importance of bond pattern and mortar selection – The importance of good site practice and working with the contractor to achieve the desired finish.

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