Lockdown Learning


It could be a while before we can once again stage the regional Meet the EXPERTS CPD events and, similarly, in order to comply with social distancing there will not be many Lunchtime Lectures taking place over the next few months, either.

So, in an effort to maintain the flow of information and keep providing CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT for construction professionals across the British Isles we have launched a series of LOCKDOWN LEARNING promoters.

If you have not been receiving these promoters and would like to, please email us at [email protected]

Each mailer will offer a series of ONLINE PRESENTATIONS.

The vast majority of these will be completely FREE to attend. You simply click the link and arrange a mutually agreeable time with the presenters.

As always, DCE will be working diligently to provide as many new and diverse, but RELEVANT, topics as possible.

STAY SAFE – and keep the CPD topped up