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Presentation Details:
This on-demand CPD video provides a comprehensive overview of High-Speed Doors, offering you a Complete Guide.
Discover how these products play a crucial role in addressing environmental control requirements, productivity, cost savings, durability & safety, and fulfilling regulatory and legislative obligations. Explore the 2 main types of high-speed doors. A vertically rolling high speed door & a vertically lifting high speed door.

Vertical rolling high speed doors are designed to be used intensively and predominantly indoors. The curtain is lightweight and flexible, leading to increased efficiency and reduced energy consumption due to better control of air flow.

Vertical lifting high speed doors are ideal for use as external barriers due to their flexibility. They are designed to be used in medium to large openings, where the wind load is quite heavy. They may also be used in instances where there are two sections within a building experiencing significant variations in air pressure or temperature.

By the end of this CPD delegates ought to know:
1. What High Speed Door products are available & how this will help you with specifying the correct product for your thermal & environmental needs.
2. The technical difference between the products, as well as bespoke specifications, aesthetics, accessibility, sustainability & energy performance.
3. The ways in which you can use these products to meet your regulatory & legislative requirements.
4. The process of how to specify the right product for the right application, inappropriate applications and discuss essential long-term maintenance.

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