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Zoontjens video


Delivering roofscapes that improve lives. This seminar considers changes within our environment and how to create a roofspace which addresses design challenges.

Sto Ltd

This presentation is intended to give an overview of acoustics and Sto’s acoustic reverberation control systems.

Bona Pic


Renovating Resilient Floors: Fast, cost-effective and sustainable solutions

DuPont Corian Video

DuPont Corian

This CPD will focus on: Introducing DuPont & Shelter Solutions; Introducing Corian Design; What is Corian Solid Surface? Features & benefits of Coprian Solid Surface; Corian Solid Surface Emea colour correction… and more

Cupa Pizarras Video

Cupa Pizarras

This CPD from Cupa Pizarras identifies the key design and technical features needed when specifying natural slate

DuPont Tyvek

DuPont Tyvek

Update on meeting both Approved Document C (Moisture) and L (Energy Efficiency) using Tyvek and Airguard as well as the requirements of BS5534:2014 – the code of practice for slating and tiling with one proven, BBA certified membrane system.

Graf Wastewater Treatment

Graf UK – Wastewater Treatment

Finally, a CPD that shows how the developers in the UK can tackle Nutrient Neutrality in less than 1 hour which is easy to understand and not filled with confusing jargon. Guaranteed.

Graf UK Rainwater

Graf UK – Rainwater Harvesting

Finally, a CPD that demonstrates how Rainwater Harvesting can solve a potential water crisis that UK may face in less than 1 hour that isn’t filled with confusing jargon. Guaranteed!

Sound Reduction Systems Video

Sound Reduction Systems

This presentation is given by a fully qualified acoustician with many years of experience in the acoustic materials supply industry and full membership of the Institute of Acoustics (IOA)

MiTek Industries

What is a Posi-Joist and why should they be specified; MVHR systems components; the Future Homes Standard; Design optimisation; What is the cost; Alternatives; Sound & Fire; Details; Information; Where to go from here.

Gapogroup Ltd

Gapogroup Ltd

2020 Part L Regulations – Performance Gap & Annex C + Solutions

Part L amendments are on the way. Get ahead of the issue by eliminating the ‘as specified’ Vs ‘as built’ performance gap for insulation.

Quantum Flooring Solutions

Quantum Flooring Solutions

This presentation will be looking at objectives and introduction, moving into background and key insights, then legislation and industry standards, then how to specify a mat, then summing up and extras and then a bit about us at the end.


The importance of fire and smoke resistant door assemblies is easily illustrated by the 216 deaths and £1.3 billion property losses each year in the UK alone.

Lorient 2

How well do you know the RRO?

Lorient’s RIBA accredited CPD covers the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and its implication for fire doors.

Cavity Trays 2

Cavity Trays 2

This silent study tutorial focuses on window and door openings and differing ways of closing reveals. Includes a look at very wide cavities, closer integration with cavity insulation and fire-rated closers. References made to commonly overlooked aspects regarding damp penetration.

Cavity Trays 3

Cavity Trays 3

Cavitrays for Cavity Wall Horizontal Openings, Arches, Curved and Circular Openings – Getting the detail right

Cavity Trays

Cavity Trays

This presentation deals with approved cavitrays for sloping and horizontal abutments, both new and remedial applications.